About eePulse

About eePulse

eePulse™ is in the energy business - optimizing and directing human energy at work. eePulse helps organizations energize and re-energize their workforces to drive growth. Using innovative and fast human resource management (HRM) tools and processes, eePulse has helped organizations grow faster, speed up recovery post restructuring events, integrate new leaders quickly and successfully drive mergers, acquisitions, change management programs and cultural change. eePulse's niche is using scalable and global technology, which is customized for each client. eePulse's technology includes fast and innovative pulse survey and reporting technologies along with organization network analysis, feedback and action taking and tracking tools. Workshops that teach users how to tell stories with their data and use data and dialogue to drive action and results help deliver high return on investment (ROI) to customers. eePulse also powers the Leadership Pulse, which is the first and only real-time leadership benchmarking and learning process (www.leadershippulse.com). For additional information, visit kelly.eepulse.com.

Our Vision

Organizations no longer struggle with organization change; agility, speed, and focus are part of every leader's skill set. Employees embrace change because it's easy and part of what's expected of them.

  • Managers use real-time data from employees to drive improvement in the business.
  • Data leads to action; everyone sees the action, and action drives performance.
  • Employees see the results of their ideas and are proud of their role.
  • HR is a real strategic partner; they bring data from employees - but about the business - to the senior executive team.

The traditional annual employee or customer surveys are no longer needed because managers have their own real-time data.

Our Dream

To optimize the "energy" of everyone everywhere (ee).

Our Values


Speed is an essential and significant factor in our ability to satisfy our clients with timely products and services that are immediately beneficial. Meeting aggressive goals is our approach toward work, projects and company growth. Energized - We energize our clients and each other.


We foster successful relationships with each other, with our clients and with our partners. Every exchange is an opportunity to strengthen a relationship.


Our processes are simple and give our clients the tools they need to make better business decisions.

Continuous Learning

We challenge ourselves to think constructively and positively. We practice continuous learning and embrace opportunities to improve and develop our business. We challenge ourselves to be flexible, creative and innovative.

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