Data Driven Storytelling

Make sure your data leads to action and measurable business results

Today's businesses have more data than ever. Big data is the new buzzword. However, more data are not always leading to big results. Instead users are experiencing data overload. For the last four years, Dr. Theresa M. Welbourne, who is eePulse's founder, president and CEO has been teaching public and custom programs on data-driven storytelling.

These workshops help users of data focus their knowledge into a sharply crafted story that leads to high-impact, emotionally rich dialogue, action and measurable results. Combining learning and research from the world of film and how directors make movies with neurological science and data analytics, the workshop gives participants a hands-on learning experience.

Custom Programs

The data-driven storytelling workshops can be conducted anywhere from half a day to 2 days. Follow-up virtual learning often accompanies the custom programs. Contact Theresa at to discuss the program.

Next Public Program

Join Theresa and Lacey Leone McLaughlin for their next data-driven storytelling (formerly called Data Coaching) session in Los Angeles Learn more by clicking this link.

June 25-27, 2013
Los Angeles, CA

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Data audit to go beyond traditional HR data benchmarking

The data audit process is being used for HR data. The process maps the HR data currently being used to determine which data are driving dialogue, action and results. By connecting these pieces, optimal data management can be obtained. The data audit helps organizations improve their HR dashboards and other reporting tools. Data audits also are used to develop case studies for custom data coaching programs.

As the data audit process continues to evolve, we are developing best practices and benchmarking for the types of data that should be used to drive various types of business results. Currently, benchmarking compares metrics and ratios, but very little knowledge is available on the type of data that are more useful for obtaining various types of business results (e.g. growth in sales, merger and acquisition, culture transformation, etc.). Participants in the data audit work share their linkage knowledge to build the best practice data base. To learn more contact the research team by writing to or calling +1-877-377-8573.

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