Data-driven Consulting

Use data differently - drive dialogue, action and results

eePulse is the only company that has been doing short pulse dialogues (surveys) as frequently as weekly since 1996. This experience has led to deep knowledge and experience in how to use data to drive results. It's not through more data, it's strategic data that matters. Strategic data, delivered when needed, drives the right dialogue, which then leads to actions and results.

Measurable business results are derived from a strategic metrics strategy that matches the firm needs, implemented in a fashion that matches the rhythm of the company. eePulse offers clients:

  • Proprietary implementation strategy with on-line tools to help align and coordinate project teams and users
  • Training needed to implement Energy Pulsing or Fast-Feedback Surveys.
  • Super-user training that provides your internal team with the skills needed to share learning with all managers and employees.

New lenses

for analyzing data - eePulse is the only organization to deliver new lenses to view your data. Samples include the valour pulse work, change lens, communication lens, and the employee value proposition lens. These new tools provide ways to segment the data in the same way that market researchers use customer segmentation. The result is that you spend money and resources (time) on the areas where you will get the highest returns on investment.

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