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Wellness and Energy
eePulse Methodology for Success

What we deliver

eePulse delivers business-driven solutions that support organizations building agile change-thriving, high energy organizations. eePulse's work on energy supports and validates wellness programs by providing employees feedback on their energy at work and by documenting return on investment (ROI) of wellness programs.

How we link wellness and energy

Managers and employees learn to optimize and direct employee energy to meet and exceed personal and business goals. Optimizing employee energy happens when employees bring their whole self to work and when the whole self is healthy. Wellness initiatives help employees learn to be at their best at life and at work. Energy Pulsing, which is the core of eePulse's solution, provides continual feedback to managers and employees. Energy Pulsing is a coaching tool that helps not only measure energy but direct energy toward business and personal goals. Optimizing energy is not a one-time event, and neither is wellness. That's why Energy Pulsing is a frequent and simple process.

What we use to deliver

  • At the core of the solution is frequent feedback, active listening and voice. Employees rate their energy, track their own results, and managers have access to group report.
  • Energy is monitored and energizing moments are learned.
  • Proprietary, fast technology that's easy to use while being robust and secure. Global solution, multi-language capability. Technology helps managers and employees create a high energy and positive work environment. They make needed changes in real time. Data is a reminder and measure.
  • Predictive and customized metrics strategy for each client.
  • Use trend data for superior predictive modeling.
  • Apply custom questions that manage the company and team conversations; the right data strategy is also a high influence communication process.
  • Art and science of energy optimization; proven process.
  • Team of senior consultants and scientists who are established thought leaders. Our team thrives on innovation and makes sure the tools used fit what

About eePulse

eePulse is a technology and research consulting firm focusing on helping organizations grow, innovate and sustain a continuous improvement, agile and change-thriving organization. eePulse uses science to help clients optimize and direct human energy at work. The evidence-based tools and behavioral science techniques utilized to help organizations improve performance through employees are today being applied to organizations around the world. The eePulse Journey:

  • started in 1996 in Ithaca, New York (Cornell) by Dr. Theresa M. Welbourne.
  • to commercialize Dr. Welbourne's research (technology transfer grant from Cornell).
  • relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan (University of Michigan); built large-scale and web-based technology to scale.
  • creates predictive metrics on the drivers of long-term firm and stakeholder performance.
  • uses trend data which is more powerful than point-in-time data; trending process is an intervention in and of itself (when done correctly).

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