Leadership Pulse

Join leaders around the world and learn together

The Leadership Pulse started in 2003; it is a real-time, data-driven learning tool and process for managers of people and projects. Involvement in the Leadership Pulse involves no cost; it is free.

Learning that comes out of the Leadership Pulse project is helping improve business education for students in universities, readers of the reports that are published and executives who participate.

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The Leadership Pulse uses eePulse's technology to engage leaders around the world in a conversation about current business challenges. Topics such as leader energy, confidence, employee engagement, change management, drivers of business performance and innovation are explored. Short pulses are used to learn from participants, and then each individual who is a member receives a custom, benchmarked report on their results and the information from their industry.

Results are also shared via webinars with members. It's easy to join, and by becoming involved you are helping improve leadership and business performance in firms around the world.


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