Human Resource Metrics

Custom Human Capital Metrics Strategy for Every Client

Energy Pulsing begins with the development of a customized HR metrics strategy. Below are samples of the metrics that can be used. It is not an exhaustive list. Call to learn more about the types of HR metrics that can help your organization align employees to meet its goals.

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At the core of Energy Pulsing is eePulse's signature employee energy metric. Energy is an optimization construct; you can have too much stimulus, which results in burnout risk. The short, quick employee energy pulse question has been used in over 50 countries, and it predicts performance around the globe. Employee energy meausrement looks simple, but the analysis behind the scenes is more complex. The eePulse technology suite handles the work so that organizations can conduct frequent Energy Pulsing (fast surveys) and get reports back, for all managers, and even all employees, immediately after Pulse Dialogues (surveys) close.

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Energy Pulsing gives you a quick read of the organization. Quickly see the hot spots and the cold spots. Spend resources and time where needed vs. on everyone, everywhere. To learn more, schedule a demo or obtain articles and presentations on this work, contact us at

Valour Pulse™ for Taking Employee Engagement to a New Level

Valour Pulse consists of only 15 validated questions that provide clients with a "snapshot" of their employee population. Valour Pulse is a new way to assess employee engagement. eePulse's research revolves around the "engaged in what" question so that when managers get their data back, they can take action to focus employees on the efforts needed to drive the firm's business goals.

eePulse supplements the Valour Pulse with custom questions. Those additional items may be focused on the employee, job, manager, team, work process, tools at work, leadership, culture, habits, change management, or any other critical variables that drive momentum and direction - the things that predict performance.

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Culture Pulse Survey™

Break the big culture word down into pieces every manager and employee can understand, and then you can measure and track changes in culture in a way that engages all your employees. Culture is a series of habits. Using profile tools with simple adjectives you can draw a picture of your organization. Asking additional questions about what people really do, the habits of the business, you can diagnose dialogue and start to change the habits that are not working and reinforce the ones that make employees successful and proud. Track how your culture changes over time and how Energy and manager action affect culture. eePulse also can establish the relationship between organization culture (and sub-cultures in business units, locations, etc.) and firm performance.

Leadership Confidence Pulse Survey™

Consumer confidence predicts willingness to spend money, to give that extra to buy what you want vs. what you need. This logic applies to employees, too. When employees are confident, they give extra effort and go "above and beyond." They stay with your firm even though there may not be money for big bonuses; they help out new employees even when they still have to do their own "day job," and overall employees go above and beyond when they are confident in their company and leaders. Leadership confidence is important data in its own right, and it also can be used to determine "engagement power or potential".

ChangeStep Pulse Survey™

For organizations going through change, eePulse uses specific metrics to assess the rate at which the change is progressing and where employees are in the change cycle. These data are invaluable when managing a change process. eePulse also can provide clients with the change lens; a way to view employee engagement data by examining scores for people at various rates of change. This unique diagnostic tool provides clients with insights into their organization they would not otherwise have.

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