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Two numbers for growth, innovation and high performance: Working and optimal employee energy
Theresa M. Welbourne


What HR really needs to know about big data - 2014
Theresa M. Welbourne, Ph.D, eePulse, Inc.

Survey - Top technology trendsetters - 2014

Energy Increases with Theresa Welbourne, PH.D.
by Melanie Rembrandt

Beyond the Fairy Tale: A Contrarian's View of Employee Engagement
by Theresa M. Welbourne, Ph.D.

Engaged in what? So what? A role-based perspective for the future of employee engagement.
A role-based perspective for the future of employee engagement. Welbourne, T.M. (2011)
Townsend, K. & Wilkinson, A., Work and employee relations in the 21st century. Palgrave Publishers. pp. 85-100.

Pay for Performance, January 2011
"Leadership Pulse - Pay for Performance"

"From e-HRM to Fast HRM by Theresa M. Welbourne, Ph.D."

Thomasnet News, May 2010
"Q & A: Theresa Welbourne on Employee Engagement Drivers"

Thomasnet News, May 2010
"Leadership Lessons from eePulse CEO Theresa Welbourne"

Melcrum's Internal Comms Hub/December 2009
"How to ensure you're taking the right approach to engagement by Dr. Welbourne"

Leader to Leader, Spring 2009
"Extreme Strategizing", Dec 2008/Jan 2009
"Reorient HRM in Tough Times", August/September 2008
"Outsourcing, HR Confidence and Relational Capital: Critical Connections for Strategic HRM"

Ragan Journal of Employee Communication Management, May/June 2008
"Managers' Lament: Have Strategy, Need Direction", April/May, 2008
"Idea Management: A Critical Part of Total Rewards", February/March, 2008
"Overcoming HR Challenges in Higher Education", August/September, 2007
"The Tale of Two Confidences: HR versus C-suite"

Ragan Journal of Employee Communication Management, May/June 2007
"Don't Disengage with Your Surveys"

Talent Management, April 2007
"Leadership Energy and Confidence: What Do The Trends Tell Us About 2007", February/March 2007
"Overcoming HR Challenges in Higher Ed"

Leader to Leader, Spring, 2007
"Employee Engagement Beyond the Fad And Into the Executive Suite"

Chief Learning Officer, April, 2007
"The Story of Data and Dialogue-Driven Leadership"

Workspan, February, 2007
"Executives, Employees Have Negative Opinions of Employee Surveys"

Workforce Management, February, 2007
"Mind the Gap to Improve the Performance of New Hires"

Best Practices in HR, February, 2007
"Are Your Employees Suffering From 'Stacking Work Syndrome'?"

Ragan Journal of Employee Communication Management, January/February 2007
"Are Surveys Evil?", December 2006/January 2007
"Human Capital: How it Helps You Win"

Ragan Report, September 2006
"Measurement That Means Something"

Workforce Management, August 2006
"Commentary: Human Resource Management: At the table, or under it?"

Workforce Management May 2006
"Are You Ready for the Aging Workforce?"

Workforce Performance Solutions May 2006
"Energetic Leaders Good For Business"
With Permission From: Workforce Performance Solutions Magazine

Workforce Management April 2006
"On The Clock But Off On Their Own: Pet-Project Programs Set To Gain Wider Acceptance"

Training and Development Magazine, Jan. 2006
"Organizational Change on the Rise"

Oakland Business Review, Feb. 2006
"Getting the Edge" Feb 2006
"Stacking Work: The Leadership (And HR) Dilemma"

Crain's Detroit Jan 2006
"Balancing Act", Jan 2006
"Managing Diversity"

IEE, June 2005
"Becoming a Learning Leader"
This article was first published on IEE Circuit, the student website of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (, Feb 2005
"New Role for IT: Numerator Management"

Business Edge, January 2005
"Delivering Results When There Are No More Costs To Cut ", Dec 2004
"HR Leadership: The Path Towards HR Strategy ", June/July 2004
"Are Your Employee Surveys Worthy?", August 2004
""HR: Are You Being Strategic?"", May 2004
""The Leadership Energy Crisis: The Strategic Opportunity To Act Now"", February 2004
""High Performance Workplace and High Performance Leaders: February Leadership Pulse"", February 2004
"High Performance Workplace and High Performance Leaders: February Leadership Pulse", November 2003
"The Valor in Competitive Advantage Doesn't Work Without 'U'", November 2003
"October Leadership Pulse Results"

Dear Workforce, November 2003
"How Important is an overall measure of Employee Satisfaction?"

Howdy Partner, November 2003
"What being a strategic resource for your CEO really means", October 2003
"Employment going up and maybe out"

Price Waterhouse Coopers, October 2003
"How engaging your people can improve public services", September 2003
"HR vs. CEOs: The Latest Leadership Pulse Results", September 2003
"Tech lends an ear to the workplace"

Business Direct Weekly, July 2003
"Employers start to listen as eePulse delivers"

Business Week, July 2003
"Ever Sharp Eyes watch you Work"

Knox Careers, June 2003
"Employee Confidences about Productivity" by Mildred L. Culp

IHRIM link Magazine, January 2003
"Future ERM Combines Technology And Human Factors"
As seen in, December 2002/January 2003, Volume VII, Issue 6, pp. 45-46.

Crain's Detroit Business, December 15-21, 2002
"eePulse chosen as one of the 2002 Best Local Internet Sites"

Your Biz - Detroit Regional Chamber, December 2002
"The Cutting Edge- Use tech to gauge motivation" by Tim Hinkle

Corp! Magazine, November 2002
"Is Your Corporate Communications Effective?  New Tools Can Provide Realtime Answers For Managers" by Cindy Orlandi

Ann Arbor Regional Business-To-Business, Nov. 2002
"Execs Rate Study Of Ethics A Must For CEO Success"

University of Michigan Business School, October 2002
"Execs:  Study of ethics a must for CEO success, but not their own"

Job, October 2002
"HR Metrics: The Business Case", by Carla Joinson

IRS Employment Review, October 21, 2002
"The post 9/11 workplace"

The Ann Arbor News, October 1, 2002
"Managers rank ethics low on success chart"

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