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Our Team

eePulse is very fortunate to have an excellent team of people who are client solution managers, research consultants, programmers, business development team members, and more. We all work with clients, and we have areas of specialization we share with each other. eePulse has an entrepreneurial, team environment, where we are all working together to help meet client needs, to innovate and to support our key areas of focus:

  • Fast HRM - we are working to speed up HRM process and tools to meet the needs of the managers who are their clients and the pace of change in the business world.
  • Data and Dialogue - our methodology is based on the core tenants of data and dialogue driven leadership.
  • Relational Capital - we know that success is all about relationships; that's what Fast HRM + Data and Dialogue Driven Leadership get an organization - the ability to continually improve the quality and strength of relationships with all stakeholders.

Members of our management team:

Theresa M. Welbourne, PhD, President and CEO

Thresa Welbourne, Ph.D. is the founder, President, and CEO. Read her bio and blogs, and join her on Linked In.

Kelly Welbourne - Executive VP

Kelly is an Executive VP at eePulse (that means he's been with us since day one; he is the ultimate multi tasker). Kelly works with clients, interfaces with technology, and manages the financial side of the business.

Benjamin Lilley - Director of Technology

Ben focuses on strategic alignment of technology with business and client needs. Ben is a specialist in agile software development, is certified as an Information System Security Professional. He also has his MBA in eCommerce from DePaul University.

Justin Glenn - Senior Research Consultant

Justin is a data guru. He helps clients make the most of their data. Justin is an expert with Measurecom (eePulse's proprietary technology), and he is a scientist who clearly understands how to move data to action.

John McGiness - Business Development

John is leading business development work in the health care industry. John has extensive experience working in the health care industry, and he is a senior executive with significant business development experience.

Technology and Creative Team

Our technology and creative team thrives on finding new and innovative ways to deliver value adding services by leveraging technology.

  • Madhavi Majjiga
  • Michica Medina
  • Melanie Rembrandt
  • Vic Berg

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